Still going

Tomorrow it will have been two weeks since I had my most recent interview.  I think it went well, I made the guy laugh, yet every time I get a call from the agency representing me for this particular role, the date of the interview result gets pushed back another few days, and for equally frustrating reasons.  Last week the date was moved from Monday to Thursday because:

1) I’m not in until Wednesday (agency rep)
2) They’re now interviewing more people (company)
3) I didn’t have a chance to call them, but you’re still in the running (agency)

On Thursday the agency didn’t call, but I was left feeling that “no news is good news,” so just shrugged it off, sure that any news on Friday couldn’t be negative (right?).

That said, Thursday wasn’t devoid of news.  Wednesday afternoon I spotted a job at a local game developer (well, based in the next town over) and thought “oh, I love games, I love some of the games that they have made and I could so do this job,” so I applied.  Thursday morning as I am heading to my mum’s to prepare for my niece’s sweet 16 (can’t believe the little girl I made fairy costumes for is 16!) the phone rings twice.  Unfortunately, the bus is so loud that I miss both calls, but make sure that I respond to the voicemail messages right away.  One call is from an agency that seems determined to send me to job interviews at locations I can’t get to even by train (well, I can but only if I want to head the 2-hours into London and then back out again), and the other is from the game company!  Long story short (it has to happen sometimes, right?), I had a phone interview with the game company on Thursday afternoon and this coming Wednesday I have a face-to-face…so that’s a positive.

On Friday I had the wonder that is a check in with the Job Centre (after having called them to find out where my money was – my redundancy is very quickly running out, it’s been 9 weeks since I left my previous job, and I have just enough money left to pay my rent for next month – turns out that they still haven’t processed my claim even though my payment date was last week…classic!).  I went in thinking “well, I know I’ve done everything I can to find a new job, apart from taking something that I can’t afford to live on,” and came out with exactly the same thought, an appointment in three weeks and the information that I apparently should “complain about the treatment that the payment services are giving you though it won’t make a difference to you and your issues, but will help someone else.”  Anyway, after that, I decided I should rush home to Darcy (who is growing so much it’s scary), so I got the next bus back to the flat instead of stopping for my usual coffee treat in Starbucks and then sat waiting for a call to let me know how the interview went.

Anyway, Friday afternoon arrived and I still hadn’t heard a single word from the agency, so I emailed (the phone number is rarely reliable), and an hour later I got a reply saying “sorry, person I need to speak to is now out until Monday so I will call and find out then.”  So the original “You’ll hear Friday,” (meaning the Friday after the interview), turned into Monday, which then turned into Thursday, then Friday and now Monday again.  I am not holding out much hope that it’s going to be a positive response, because seriously two weeks(?), but ultimately at least today (finally) I should be getting some feedback.

And talking feedback, remember the interview that I was meant to have that was cancelled at the very last (literal) minute?  I still haven’t had any feedback as to why they decided to call it off so suddenly.  Speaking with my mum she suggested that it could be something to do with my brother’s rather bitter ex (if she’s still working at the company), or just simply that being a government organisation they HAD to be seen to be advertising the role externally, but decided to recruit internally anyway.  Personally, I think the second is the most likely!

Hope everyone is well, and that this week is a good one for all.

6 thoughts on “Still going

  1. Oh my gosh. Best of luck with the game developer. That would be so interesting and fun. And sorry to hear about the poor excuse of a recruitment consultant. I get rang about jobs often, they put me forward for an interview and I often never hear from them again… it’s frustrating to say the least!


    1. Thanks. I think that had I not gone to an interview and had they not been contacting me pretty frequently to tell me that they were still waiting to hear then I wouldn’t be so annoyed. It’s frustrating that all of a sudden they’ve gone completely silent, as though they know that they’ve got to call me with unpleasant news (a “no”) but they are putting it off because they think I will fall apart over it or something. By this point rejection is almost second nature to me, if it’s a no I just shrug it off and move onto the next thing. So, looking forward to your post about the first day!

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      1. Haha you’re so right. They tiptoe around you like you’re going to either slip into a deep depression or go on a murderous rampage if you don’t get them outcome you want. Well… my first day was great! Not sure if it was quite interesting enough for a full blog post so I am waiting to see what day two brings 🙂

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      2. That’s it, they must realise that people are going to not expect everything to turn out their way, right? I am experienced in disappointment by now, it’s been months of nothing but interviews and “no thanks…”

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      3. I am sure that something will happen soon – whether it happens before the redundancy runs out is yet to be determined, but something will come up (fingers crossed that it’s a job I love rather than one I apply for just because)…

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