New day

Today has been a good day.  For the first time I left Darcy alone and I came home to find that everything was exactly how I left it (though obviously her food and water had gone down).  She was pleased to see me, a little clingy but in the manner of most cats she wanted attention on her terms, and now she’s sitting under the chair next to me and licking her paws.  This bodes well for when I leave her alone when I get a new job.

I had another interview today.  The last few weeks have been nothing but disappointment after disappointment; I’ve been to numerous interviews and nothing but rejection and a feeling of chronic depression has come from any of them.  This job sounds really interesting and it’s definitely one I would be interested in getting.  I know that I try and only apply for the sort of jobs that are relevant to my experience, but occasionally a girl can get a little bit desperate (you know).

Anyway, back to the interview; I was asked to give three words that I felt described me…can you believe that I managed to make Geeky a positive thing?  I said “I am geeky, but that means that I understand database development, the complexities of php when relating to a webpage, I can spot errors in HTML and ensure that pages that aren’t loading do.  I also love comic book movies, vampires and can debate about both!”  He laughed, apparently he’d never heard that one before.  I also said that I was determined and funny…now personally I don’t think I am funny, but my friends always laugh at things I say…and constantly tell me that I am hilarious (guess the meds do their work incredibly well).  Just hope that this side of me didn’t come across in a negative way to the man interviewing me…admittedly it was a bit off the wall, but who knows what people think in an interview scenario anymore?  I ask that, because seriously, I have no idea!

I had book club this evening, we were reading “The Green Road” by Anne Enright.  I have to admit that I had to rush to finish it, mostly because I didn’t start reading it until this morning.  The cover appealed to me about as much as a Tom Cruise movie (i.e. not at all), and the book itself was beautifully written but very frustrating to read, the characters were a little bit unformed and completely unlikable.  Oh well, we have another book for next month, a very short book and one that I will start tomorrow (I say that with the best of intentions, doesn’t mean that it will actually happen).

Right now I am watching Marco Pierre White being an ego in a white coat as he tastes food cooked by three competitors on Australian MasterChef (a guilty TV pleasure).  I missed MKR this evening, but luckily have recorded it so will watch it later on.  I am looking forward to this week of MCA being over so that Monsieur White is off my screen (though that means that we are closer to a week with Marcus Wareing and I am not sure that’s much better).  If you watch MCA hope you are enjoying 🙂

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