So frustrated.  I have been preparing for an interview for a job that I thought sounded quite interesting since a very last minute call yesterday saying they would like to speak to me this morning.  At 10am they called (a full hour early), luckily they were accepting when I said that I wasn’t expecting their call for another hour, so they said they’d call back.  Cut to fifteen minutes later and I get a call from the agency who arranged it all.  I start off thinking that they are calling to have a go because I wasn’t ready for the interview, but it turns out that there was a massive miscommunication between the agency and the company and the role isn’t what was advertised.

When I applied (about six weeks ago) I applied for a full-time role, good rate of pay, good hours, really close to home.  It turns out that only three of those things were right; the role was advertised as full-time but it appears that the company had registered the role incorrectly and it was part-time.  Not enough hours to pay well, but enough hours to take you over the threshold for benefit help.

I was meant to sign on today, I had to change the appointment for that (which was a bit of a pain) and I had to change a few other things around at the last minute (which isn’t easy in any situation) for an interview that is now not taking place and I am so annoyed.  I know that it’s not the agency’s fault, but perhaps they should have gone over the role with the company in a little bit more detail before they started recruiting in earnest.

Apparently, three people were being interviewed this morning and all three of us have withdrawn from consideration for the role because none of us can afford to work part-time (which sounds weird when none of us are working, but the maths wins out and part-time work is not fiscally realistic when you’re unemployed!

Oh well, back to the drawing board.  I am still waiting for a call back from another agency about a role that they sourced for me; the company would like to meet me, but they haven’t come back with a date/time for the interview  yet (which is a little irritating), so as with everything, it’s a waiting game.  Something will come up soon, it has to.  My redundancy is coming close to running out and the DWP is making me sing to their little ditty with no remuneration (which is getting more than a little tiresome).

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