So near, yet so far

Should have posted this yesterday, but got distracted by my middle nephew (I have three), who decided that it was way beyond time he should meet Darcy, so he popped over (for the whole day), we went out and watched Pete’s Dragon which isn’t bad, but isn’t amazing – it did make me hate Karl Urban for a little while though – and then came back and spent time playing games with Darcy, watching TV and generally hanging out, it was fun.

Anyway, yesterday I missed a call about a potential job, the phone was in the bathroom and I had rushed to open the front door.  It appears that a role I applied for so long ago I’d forgotten all about it has come around again and the hiring company would like to meet with me (this is, without a doubt, a very good thing).  Then I got a call from the agency through which I got an interview last Thursday.  It appears that they were very impressed with me but felt that I would be happier in a more technical role.  Seriously does my degree in English Lit say “she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body” or something?  Anyhow, they’ve decided to go in a different direction – but I have to admit that while I am sad that I didn’t get the role, it wasn’t one that I could have envisaged myself being happy in for any length of time; very sales focused, very young office…think that I would have felt out of place in a short space of time.  Oh well.

So that’s where my job hunt is at the present time; I am still looking, still hoping not to be pigeon-holed, and still determined that I will find something sooner rather than later.

Darcy is still being adorable.  In a week she has inched her way deeper into my heart, she’s very affectionate, she loves attention, she likes to be near me, and even better she’s a quick learner, she doesn’t dig holes in my carpet, no longer bites the cables for my phone charger, and she is growing like a weed.  Last week her tale was a pale stripey grey, today it’s almost completely grey, her face markings are changing a little bit and her paws are much darker (and quite large in comparison with the rest of her), she’s stunning already, but she’s going to become star-quality beautiful…Wonder if they need any Ragdoll cats in a Marvel movie – you know, to crawl all over Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans (I’d show her how to do it with pleasure 😉 😉 ).

Oh well, had better log my efforts for today on the Job Centre website – I have no idea exactly how I am meant to search for jobs for 7 hours a day, especially as I check on a daily basis, seriously, this morning there were eight new jobs across five new sites (and not one of them was in my area of expertise).

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