A good weekend

Today marks day 7 with Darcy, she’s settling in well, has marked her territory by rubbing over everything that is actually in the flat (apart from my bedroom), and just this morning she tried to take a shower with me; well, until she discovered that climbing into the bath meant she would get wet (then she jumped down let out a horrified meow and curled up in the cat bed licking her wet paws).

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my phone will ring on Tuesday (it’s a bank holiday here tomorrow), but I am not going to allow the hope that I get a job offer (especially if it doesn’t happen ) to cast a shadow over what has, so far, been a good weekend.

Yesterday I did very little, I watched a bit of TV, played with Darcy, did a bit of cleaning and had a nap.

Today I met up with my cousin and her family at the local carnival.  Now, the carnival itself was HUGELY disappointing, it was expensive, weakly organised and lacking in anything that could be considered entertaining.  The meeting with my cousin was, however, really good.

Darcy has been doing some very amusing things the last few days, as she gets more confident.  She’s pulled her bed into the bathroom doorway and then sat guard so I can’t get in, she’s climbed up my legs, rested on my shoulders, sat on my laptop until I have shut it down to pay attention to her.  She’s growing more courageous with every day that passes – which is fantastic.  I was out all day and she didn’t bat an eyelid, nor did she hold it against me when I got home.  This, I think, bodes well for when I finally get a job and return to the day to day.

I don’t have much in the way of real news.  Right now I am watching the remake of Are you Being Served, a show which was good in its day, but right now I can say that I am not hugely impressed with their choice of cast, the fact that it’s riddled with poor clichés and not at all funny (the canned laughter doesn’t make it work any better).  Give me the days of Molly Sugden and John Inman.  Granted the show is now dated, but anything is better than this feeble-minded one-off reboot.

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