Day four and other things

Darcy appears to be settling in really well.  She’s discovered that if she lies across my keyboard I can’t do anything but stroke her, play with her and talk to her; and oh boy is she a Chatty Cathy.  Right now she’s hiding because I committed a criminal offense, I cleaned out her litter tray, poured more food into her bowl, changed her water and then had a shower!  It was the last bit which did her in; she likes when she can lick my nose, and for some reason really loves it that my neck is a little sweaty due to the heat.  Go figure – cats are weird.

Yesterday she had a very busy day; a friend of mine (who had initially been seriously against my getting a cat) came over and met her, and then my niece and her boyfriend popped in and swooned over how beautiful she is.

I have got a kitten sitter to look after Darcy while I go out to the interview – my niece and her boyfriend wanted to spend more time with her, so they are coming back (just this moment got a text).  Phew, would have felt guilty leaving her alone.

Not sure what I think about the interview right now;  it’s a job I can do, and for a company that sounds really interesting.  I am refusing to allow myself to feel any nerves because that way lies disaster.  Last week I was so positive that I had the job in the bag; the interviews both went well, the person who interviewed me seemed to like me, the job description had essentially been written with me in mind (all my past experience and skills etc), and then I didn’t get it.  I was heartbroken, sick, frustrated, and most of all humiliated.  I am continually being told “You have a really strong CV” but then nothing comes of it.  Some companies don’t even bother getting back to me AFTER I’ve been for interview (seriously, what’s that all about?).

Oh well, while Darcy is hiding behind the sofa (still pissed because I dared to wash – I am normally a very clean person, but she’s been absorbing all my attention since Monday) I should go and put make-up on, put my hair in a bun and get dressed.  My niece and boyf are arriving at 10.30 and I need to leave not long after that to get to the station in time for a train that I hope is going to actually arrive.

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