First day with Darcy

Yesterday morning I picked up my brand new fur-baby.  She’s snuggly, very clingy and a little bit of a Chatty Cathy.  Right now she’s lying right beside the laptop, her head on the ‘enter’ key of the number pad and sleeping – kittens sleep a lot!

I have set up an Instagram for her (I don’t take pictures of me at all, but now I have a beautiful kitten to shower with tonnes of attention and lots and lots of pictures can be taken), this was partly because I promised the breeder that I would take pictures and let her know how the little lady was doing.

Yesterday I introduced her to my sister, who said “she’s so light,” and she is, she’s a ball of fluff but there’s nothing to her, she’s as light as a 1-pint carton of milk.

I would post loads of pictures on here, but they are all on the Instagram dedicated to nothing but pictures of the new addition to my home…Isn’t she gorgeous?

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