Meeting Darcy

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the most friendly and beautiful young lady ever; she was 11-weeks old, a white and bluepoint ball of fluff who clearly determined that I was going to be her new slave.

I had gone to meet three young Ragdoll kittens with every intention of going home a little lighter in the pocket (pedigree kittens aren’t cheap) and the mum of a very male furball; however, it appears this was not to be my destiny.  I arrived at the breeder’s house with a clear picture in my head of my new baby (I was going to name him Elliot), I had seen the picture of the mitted Ragdoll on the adverts and determined that he was who I wanted to introduce to my home (next week, as they are still a little young yet to be rehomed).

Anyway, I was shown into the room where they were being kept for viewings (they were allowed full reign of the home as a rule) and the little boy I had gone to see hissed at me and then backed away as though I had bitten him – I was most distressed at this development, but didn’t let it show, instead putting my hand out for the other kittens to sniff before sitting on the edge of the bed and waiting for them to decide if they liked me or not.

After about 15-minutes the only girl in the small litter showed a bit of interest in me and came to sniff my hand, then, showed a bit of confidence and ran across my lap before curling up against my side and nudging my hand for a few caresses.  Her fur is really soft and she started licking my fingers when I stopped petting her for a moment.

For all that her brothers had shown little to no interest in me, the moment she started to gain courage they started to come a little closer, but she wasn’t having that at all, she did that funny jumping on all fours run and then battled with her siblings until they didn’t come close and then, secure in the knowledge that they were completely gone she let me pick her up and fell asleep in my arms.

It hurt to leave without her, but next Monday I will be able to collect her and bring her to her new home.

Meet Darcy; a little princess who is going to be (I have no doubt) the ruler of my house…


One thought on “Meeting Darcy

  1. Ok… so… it’s Tuesday and you were supposed to collect Darcy yesterday. There are no pictures yet. What’s the deal with that?! Haha


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