Another day even more news

And by news I mean incredibly positive news.  I started today feeling a little bit tired and rather reluctant to head into Brighton for a meeting and yet another registration session at an agency.

The journey to Brighton is worse after 9.30 because the bus stops at every single stop along the way (9.30 is the point where travel for the over 65s becomes free).  So the journey in was good for my Pokemon Go (please don’t judge, I’ve been getting my daily exercise by following those blasted creatures all through town for fun) but not good for my nerves; I thought I was going to be late even though I had allowed over two hours for travel.

I got into the centre of the city with enough time to stop for a coffee; Starbucks was absolutely packed, with a line out the door, so I headed to Nero’s and was just about to give my order when I felt the phone in my hand start to vibrate (the sound in the café was so loud I didn’t hear it ring)…It was the HR bod from yesterday (the woman who arranged my phone interview).  My nerves went a little bit shaky at that point and I felt my heart jump into my throat for a few moments, and then she spoke.  “Matt, the man who interviewed you, really wants to meet you…what’s your availability for early next week?”  OMG, thought I, my brain going into overdrive…what are my plans for next week?  I started thinking about all the reading I have planned, and all the trips to find new Pokemon that are on my incredibly busy schedule, and then realised that apart from meeting the kitten I am contemplating adopting (he’s beautiful and fluffy and has the most gorgeous blue eyes)…


…my schedule is absolutely clear.  I told the HR woman that I was meeting my potential fur baby on Monday morning, but apart from that, my schedule was absolutely clear.  She told me that this was wonderful (about the kitten surprisingly) and then said “Monday, 3.30?”  Of course, I agreed right away (I am NOT desperate…really I’m not) and that was that, so Monday I have a second interview for a job I am really interested in.

I then drank my coffee, processed that Monday is going to be a good day and then headed to the registration interview at the agency.  I filled in loads of forms (seems to be par for the course these days) and provided them with my old blue and red NI card (I had no idea until recently that they don’t hand these out anymore) and my passport.  I then sat through an hour of interview, to be told that the company that is hiring is interested in meeting up with me next Wednesday.  I am not as keen on this second job as I am on the first, but I have to seem willing, so Wednesday I am heading to this second interview and will be as engaging as I possibly can be, though I am keeping fingers crossed that Monday’s interview will elicit an offer of the job I really want…and of course that Monday morning will present me with my new baby (name suggestions anyone?  Going for something not cutesy because even though he’s an adorable ball of fluff he is going to apparently grow into a massive fluffy 30lb cat).

Hope that everyone is having as good a Friday as me (seriously, today and yesterday have been really good so far), and if not, that you are at least treating yourselves well.

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