What a difference a week makes

Today was a good day.  I don’t just mean good because the week has been crap (though it has), or good because I didn’t cry (though it was), I mean good because I met a fear head-on and didn’t freak out like I often tend to when faced with it unexpectedly.

Today I had my first ever telephone interview.  I know that these are incredibly common in the US, but they are only now reaching a level of popularity in the UK that smaller businesses are starting to utilise them to weed out inappropriate applicants.

The interview went well, I think.  The interviewer (someone who sounds as geeky as me on the phone) jokingly offered me the job when I mentioned how popular I had managed to make a fandom site after a bit of experimentation, and then told me that he thinks I am both an incredibly strong candidate and someone he could envisage employing.  I am feeling both hopeful and determined that I am going to make that ‘incredibly strong’ into ‘absolutely perfect’ if I do get the second interview he told me would take place next week.

I can’t talk about the ‘good’ without at least touching on the bad.  I have been forgetting to take my meds.  I know that this means I am an idiot, but I have been a little bit despondent because I am still looking for a job nearly two months after the initial “you’re going to be unemployed” announcement, and a whole month after actually being made redundant.  I am doing everything I can – so apparently this should be enough to make me feel good about myself – but it doesn’t feel like it is good enough.  I just need to keep trying.  The forgetting of medication is not a positive thing, and I need to be better at remembering.  If it were just one pill then maybe it would be okay – but we are talking four days.  Oh well, with any luck positive happenings on the job front will make me better at remembering the things which make me function on a higher level on a so-called normal day and make me simply function on a bad one.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

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