For the best

Though I am determined I am going to find a job (I have a bit of money put aside that will help me live until I find something) today I withdrew my name from the running for that job I got a second interview for.  Having spoken with a few people, and reminding myself of the worst job I have ever had (it was as a receptionist for a solicitor in the very early 90s) I realised that I would be pushing myself out of the frying pan and into a very hot fire were I to waste my time (and theirs) in interviewing for a job I simply don’t want (and know that I would quit in a matter of weeks – and that’s being generous).

These days you are lucky if, as a candidate, you get an email saying “thank you for coming, we decided to go in a different direction,” (having now interviewed for five jobs I have received a “thanks but no thanks” from one of them, and when I chased I got no feedback at all), but today I have received two chase emails from the job I decided to withdraw from asking me for reasons why I decided I didn’t want to go to the second interview.  Given the fact that I was tempted to just not show (but then my pesky conscience got the better of me) you can understand my reluctance in giving them anything more than an “I don’t want to,” sulky response to their “do you mind telling us why you’ve withdrawn?”  Being a good, and conscientious person I have sent a piece of feedback that is both neutral and hopefully a little bit helpful at the same time, I just hope that I am not the only person they were inviting for second interview.

It took me a long time (and conversations with a fair few people, including my GP – who told me I looked drained and stressed – gee, thanks!) to come to the conclusion that I should just avoid going altogether, but now that I have made that decision I feel a lot better for it – I just hope that this isn’t the last interview I get is all, that said if it were then I am obviously seriously putting out the wrong vibes, especially when I keep on getting interest from companies who then go completely silent.

Oh well, here’s to the future, and here’s hoping that one of the multitude of jobs I have applied for over the last few weeks (for which the closing dates are just coming up) actually comes to something.

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