Yes, a random title, but it’s the one that fits this post perfectly.

A few weeks ago (two weeks today in fact) I went for an interview at a company that provides private health care services.  The job sounded quite interesting, is VERY local and the company isn’t full of the bureaucracy that the larger organisations tend to be running on (at least in ways that I have observed over the last few years).

I think that I rocked the interview even though it was unlike any I had been to before; incredibly informal, in a room full of stock, no questions, odd statements, etc etc.  Anyway, I asked when I would hear (as at this point I actually cared).  I was told that I would hear by the following Wednesday at the latest.

The following Wednesday comes and goes and I hear nothing…then Thursday (by this point I’ve had a couple more rejection letters and applied for a few more jobs, have even heard about some that I didn’t apply for, but agencies thought I would fit the roles – turns out I didn’t), and still nothing.  Eventually, on the Thursday afternoon, I figure that I may as well contact them, so I sent an email…

Friday evening (after 5.30) I get an email telling me that they will be in touch on Monday as they would like me to meet the Managing Director.  Great, think I, a second interview is good, even though by this point the only thought in my head about the organisation is that they are a shambles and I would be better off avoiding them like the plague…

Monday comes around, then Tuesday and still nothing, no phone call, no email, nothing at all.  Oh well, just need to write that off and focus on the ones that I am still waiting to hear from (many have closing dates that have yet to pass, including a job that I would really like to get an interview for because I know that I could do it and make it totally my own role).

At coffee with a friend on Wednesday I finally decided to email again; perhaps they’ve forgotten, perhaps something’s happened – he’s off sick, the office has exploded(?)…so I send a little email saying “I hope everything’s okay and that I look forward to hearing from them regarding the second interview.”  I get an out of office, he’s been out all week, knew he was going to be out all week and still said that he’d call on Monday!

Thursday, the day he’s due back in the office comes around, and finally my inbox pings with an email that’s not another rejection (I got three in two days which was quite depressing), of course by this point it’s very nearly the end of the day and they aren’t likely to be offering me an interview on Friday, so I am a little frustrated when I open the email and it mentions “some time next Wednesday.” Yes, it was seriously that vague.  Of course I agree, it does mean that I can’t make any plans for Wednesday, but at least I have a date, right?  I just don’t know if I could work in a place that is so vague about things as important as hiring their own staff…

I’m not reading odd into this situation, just because the job isn’t one I want, am I?  I am honestly at a loss as to how any business can function in such a way, but a job’s a job, and at this point (three weeks without anything in the way of solid offers) if I get offered the role I might just have to take it…what would you do?

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