Three weeks unemployed

Well these last three weeks have been interesting – if you can call daytime TV, calls that end with “we’ll see if we can find you something” and interviews that end with “we’ll get back to you” (and then they never do) interesting.

Money is tight, I am getting incredibly fed up with being at home (Pokemon Go is proving a life-saver exercise wise) so I have been going out and about on trips that are as close to free as is possible (this includes trips to the library, into town for a cheap coffee, and walks along the beach when the weather is good).

Today I got a HUGE surprise in the post.  For those of you who have read the long (and seemingly exhausting) history on this blog, you will know that I have been in debt since my grandmother passed away…I have been slowly paying them off, and this year I finally managed to make the final payment on my student loans (I went out and celebrated after I made the last one on that; was absolutely overjoyed).  Anyway, today I got a notification that a considerable sum (really considerable) will be paid into my debtor’s account in the next month.  To hear that, as someone who is unemployed, is AMAZING and I have to admit when I read the letter I had to sit down before I fell down, my pulse went wild and I was shaking like a leaf.  This is momentous.  If the creditors decide in my favour (because I am currently unemployed) they could actually end up writing off the small amount that will be left after this lump sum, and let me go on my merry way…

Of late things haven’t been really going my way; I’ve lost my job, have been unable to find another one, and all my plans to add to my family of one (in the form of a cat) have been discarded because of point one…for this to happen is fantastic, and could spell the start of good things to come – IF they decide in my favour.  I have got a month or so to wait, but it’s worth it.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In other news I met up with a couple of girls I went to school with and hadn’t seen in 26 years (since we left secondary school at 16).  Neither girl has changed all that much, though one is so much less stressed than the other…only difference between us is that she no longer lives in the UK.  A few years ago she packed up all her stuff and went off on a trip, moved to New Zealand and decided to never come back.  She’s relaxed, looks fantastic and is clearly so in love with her life there that (being honest) I don’t blame her.

The world will hopefully soon be my oyster, if things (for once) go my way, then I could be debt free in a couple of months (for the first time in over 15 years) and I am not going to step foot in that direction again EVER. Lesson definitely learned.

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