One week

I have officially been out of work for a week; though I was on Gardening Leave before this and have been doing nothing but applying for jobs and going to a few interviews (since I was told I was being made redundant there have been four).  This week I made the nightmare trek (my poor feet) to Fareham (which should be just 50-minutes away by train, but due to strikes and various alterations to service ended up being 1 hour 50-minutes by train (well, three trains).  The journey back was worse, and the travel time to the office for interview was another 30-minutes.  Now, as much as I want a job, and this one did sound interesting, that kind of travel would have me insane within a month or so.  Everyone has been saying “move down there, it would be a good thing…” but I didn’t see one thing to recommend Fareham (and here I apologise profusely to anyone who actually lives there), and wouldn’t want to live there where there is no beach, and it looks a bit like an industrial estate (well, the bits I saw anyway).

Ex-work have been a bit daft too this week; not only did I have to chase them for my settlement letter (which apparently they had emailed to me – trust me, they hadn’t)…it finally arrived on Thursday (yesterday) along with a cheque that was made payable to them because my name had been on it.  I have now had to spend money (okay not much, but not the point) to send it back to them because it wasn’t mine in the first place.  They have treated me abysmally since announcing I was going, and not one single person has contacted me since to say “sorry you’re gone,” or “hope everything’s going well…” oh well, not sure why I expected them to.

There is one small mercy; the weather has been amazing for the last few days, so, as much as I am seriously devastated about being out of work for the first time in a decade, I am actually able to get out and about, get a little bit of sun and enjoy the warmth of a summer that has finally arrived.

I hope that everything is well for all of you (that are reading)…and I have every faith that things will start picking up soon (I am doing everything I can to be in control of my fate).

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