It’s been 10 days…

10 days ago I got told that my role was no longer necessary but that they were going to take it under advisement and look into it.  Last Wednesday I got told officially that I would no longer be required and then the panic set in.

Last Friday I interviewed for a job I wasn’t sure I wanted but sounds interesting, uses all the skills I have obtained over the last decade or so and could be a role I could really grow into.  Today I find out whether I was successful in getting said role; if I do then I can happily go into the office on Wednesday for my last official day and hand everything in without crying.  I haven’t had a drink since last Wednesday, and I am not going to use alcohol as a crutch to get me through something that I feel is growing all too familiar to me (redundancy).

I am apparently ‘working’ right now – but as no one is emailing me, no one is giving me tasks to do and no one is bothering to communicate with me at all I may as well stick on a version of the Sims (my preferred is University in Sims 3) and play that until the end of the working day…boy rejection is sucky.

I have another interview tomorrow, not quite as close to home, not sure what the salary is, not sure what the company is like, but it’s another job, and to get two interviews in less than a week in the job market as it is (and it will get worse as the effects of BREXIT become clearer) is really good, a huge achievement, and a hopeful slap in the face to the depression that keeps on sinking in.  I’ve lost 12lbs over the last week, appetite gone (normally stress hits me with a mass eating issue; in that chocolate is my best friend) and pacing is a big factor…not a bad thing, but not the best way to lose weight either.

With any luck I will have heard something about the Friday interview by the end of today, and I am hopeful that it will be good news…I have determined that even though it’s a massive reduction on the salary that I was taking home, what I “was taking home ” happen to be the operative words…it’s not my salary any longer so it’s a moot point.  I need a job, this is a job, it would mean I can sit back and relax for the next two weeks and not worry about where my next rent payment is coming from.

Yay for reality, right?

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