Well crap

We had our massive meeting and though everyone else heard good news, my news was less than good.  As of the  middle of next month, I am out of work and that SUCKS.  Going into the office is something I am now dreading and not only because our rail drivers are on strike and the journey itself is pretty rubbish.  I have to go into the office and try to focus even though I am the only person who wasn’t offered an alternative role in their vision of the new streamlined (for that read “your face doesn’t fit and we just want rid of you”) department.

What makes it worse is that the job market is pretty dire right now; lots of companies don’t want to commit to hiring staff before the European referendum on Thursday, but even more are just not hiring because there just isn’t the need in the current financial climate.  Not much I can do but hope something comes up before my redundancy money is all gone.  I have started looking further afield; more counties, more regions, more job types and I have faith that something will come up, but that doesn’t stop me worrying because I have commitments to meet and the last thing I need is to be stuck at home (well, not home as I will lose my flat) waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I know that eventually something will turn up – I am going to do everything I can over the next couple of weeks to find a job as though I’m not desperate (I so totally am though) and when it does I will feel as though I am back on an even keel.

I have known about the possibility of this happening for a few months but at the time I thought I wouldn’t be alone, that I would not be the only one being tossed into a 10,000 feet deep abyss, but it has to happen, I will find the holy grail (a job in Sussex that doesn’t pay less than you need to actually live in Sussex) and then I will be okay.  In the meantime I am the person sitting curled up under a pile of blankets (even though it’s not cold) bemoaning the fact that life hates my guts and my soon to be ex-boss is a bitch.

Just started typing ‘unemployment’ in my tags and found that it was already there; this is the THIRD time I have been made redundant since I started this blog…message to the universe, I am not that strong, nor am I that resilient, I will break at some point (though I don’t want to) and it won’t be pretty…why couldn’t I have been born rich?

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