Job hunting is the pits and other animals

Earlier this week we were informed that we are to have a massive meeting next week (Thursday to be precise) to let us know our fate within the organisation I work for.  Of course, any signs of this and it’s mass panic (not only from my colleagues but also – silently – from me).  Today I managed to find (by searching on what felt like HUNDREDS of sites but was in actual fact only five) four jobs to apply for.  I actually think that one is a job I have already applied for previously but agencies have to be so secretive and not reveal the name of the company they represent so it’s possible that you apply for multiple jobs more than once in any “I desperately need a new job” sitting.

Apart from the panicking about possibly needing a new job, and freaking out because finding one is like searching for a yellow-gold needle in a barn full of hay I have also finally (after what is more than two months of waiting) heard from my landlord about the possibility of getting a kitten; and he actually said “yes.” This time, he came back with a proper “yes,” rather than a “Yes you can have a pet…” and then coming back with “But not a cat!”  Granted there are rather strange stipulations like “no cat door” and “no allowing the cat to wander around in communal areas.”  Now, if anyone saw the building I lived in they would be wondering why either of these stipulations matter…to be honest, they don’t!  I live on the first (second) floor, and I have no intention of letting my cat out to wander around a building that is so poorly maintained I nearly brain myself on a daily basis going up and down the stairs…

So that’s good news on top of what could potentially be (very) bad news, but I am refusing to let the first bit get me down (thank you meds, meditation and mostly meds), I am sitting here in my living room typing my post with the divine scent of petunias surrounding me because my balcony is finally coming into glorious bloom and I refuse to let the possibility of being made redundant from a third job in a row get me down…refusing.

Because you’re probably bored with the whining, please see below, a most beautiful picture of my three tier balcony basket – aren’t the flowers coming to life now that we are getting something resembling a proper summer (yay sunshine)?flowers

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