Wasn’t for me

I never heard back from the agency.  It’s been two days since I called them, and today I realised that perhaps it was a little bit of a security blanket move to tell them about the operation after they’d offered me the job.  Unintentionally, I told them about it afterwards to see how they would react to someone being ill.

When I was at the interview the company had mentioned that they had comprehensive health care for people who’d been there over 6-months, with it getting increasingly better (partner/kids being added) the longer you’d been with the company (did feel like asking them how much better it got if you didn’t have any of those things, but refrained…would they have added pet insurance for the lonely cat lady instead?).  Obviously, they don’t care to hire someone who has a pre-existing condition, not that it’s serious, I just want to get to the bottom of why I have permanent acid reflux!  Anyway, I am writing that one off but I did get a call yesterday that made me laugh!

Late last year we hired someone on, let’s call her Susie, who was meant to do a specific job. Anyway, Susie decided that she wanted to do my manager’s job, so changed her job title, told everyone that she was doing my manager’s job and didn’t do the job she was hired for.  Eventually, the company got savvy to her ways and just this month she worked her final day with the company.  Anyway, yesterday I got a call from the company that she’s gone to.  The company wanted to offer me a job working in the middle of nowhere (for that read three trains and a walk and a bus ride to the office and then the reverse to get home again), and to encourage me to apply for it they tried “we’ve just got Susie a job there…you worked with her, right?”  Yes, I worked with her, she made the lives of my colleagues and me pretty hellish so no, I wouldn’t work with her again.  Of course, being professional, I didn’t tell this woman that, I just explained that as I didn’t drive (not because I don’t have a car, but because I don’t have a licence), it wasn’t really feasible…and though I would be pretty happy to relocate for some jobs, that is not one of them, no matter the salary being offered…I do have some standards!

So, needless to say, the hunt is still on, but I am going to wait a while now, until the procedure has happened, results are back and I can take things as they happen (though hopefully they will not end with my being made redundant from a third job!).

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