Self-sabotage mk II

Well, last week I got called back for the second interview on the job that I’d interviewed for on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, after the interview, I started having LOADS of doubts about the job; did I really want to move on now? was it really the right job? did I want to do it at all?  Of course, not feeling sure about it I got a call from the agency on Friday (an hour after I got home from the interview) and I got offered the job.  I asked the agency to give me a few days to decide because I didn’t think that being told to make the decision right away was the right thing, and this should’ve been my first clue that they were rather aggressive “give us an answer now, you can always change your mind afterwards, but we want a decision.”

Then today I decided a few more things and was honest with the agency that I was going for a minor exploratory surgical procedure the week before I would be due to start so could I start two weeks later.  The woman I spoke to at the agency flipped!  I apparently should have told them before and they’d never have put me forward for the role.  She was rude, unreasonable and hung up on me without saying goodbye. Needless to say I haven’t heard anything more from her since that point (and I honestly don’t expect to).  To be fair she’s only looking out for herself and perhaps I should have mentioned this to them before, but no one asked and I could’ve just accepted the job, started there having had surgery 5 days before AND then ended up off sick without notice (granted this would’ve left me up shit creek without a paddle because in probationary periods they don’t pay you when you’re off sick).  I do think that she could’ve at least done me the courtesy of contacting me before the end of business, and I am tempted to not bother answering if they do call me tomorrow.

Am I being unreasonable in expecting her to do me some kind of courtesy when they didn’t bother to even check with me if there were anything coming up – they didn’t even ask me about upcoming holiday!

2 thoughts on “Self-sabotage mk II

    1. I agree. Even better, they haven’t called back since either. I have been waiting here for my opportunity to say something and have yet to hear a single word back. Guess that means my name is removed from the list. Didn’t think they were allowed to discriminate on account of health issues but I guess agencies are a different breed.

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