Frustration x10

Earlier in the week, I contacted the managing agents to get them to contact the landlord (talk about blinking convoluted) to find out about a pet.  I got a positive response and asked for more information.  Now, when someone says “yes” to something I assume they actually mean “yes,” but it appears in this case that was not true.  Since providing more information I have been informed that the landlord is fine with everything BUT not cats!  He has this strange idea that I will want a cat door.  Currently, I live in a first floor (to you Americans that’s second floor) flat, this means that between any cat and the outdoors there would be two doors and a flight of stairs…I am looking for an indoor breed, something beautiful and pedigree (or cross-bred pedigree).

Now I am having to write a long letter explaining about the beauty of a cat bred to be an indoor animal, one that is docile and a lap cat rather than one that will get annoyed and cause destruction…then I have to wait and wait for a response and hope that I get somewhere, because he thinks cat and hears scratching, destruction and cat doors (don’t even go there).  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am annoyed by the managing agent that I am having to go through because the immediate assumption when you hear the word “yes” is a positive thing, but she waited two days to clarify the “yes” and make it into pretty much a “no.”  I am curious as to why, after I mentioned cats in my initial request, she didn’t just say “he said no to cats but yes to everything else…” so a dog stuck in a property all day does no damage then?

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