A day of mixed things

My landlord has said yes, in principle, to the idea of my having a pet – of course, now that I have the yes I have to start looking and seriously decide if I want to devote the next 15 years or more of my life to a fur baby.  Looking at their faces I find it so difficult to resist.

Work is still a stress, I have so little to do that I have been spending my time improving my CV, updating things like Jobsite with my profile and then going to LinkedIn to see if any of my fake connections there (come on they aren’t real, I don’t know them, just get them through contacts I sort of know).  It’s so difficult to know where to go, I am a Jill of many trades and a master of none which means that while it should be relatively easy to find a new job it’s proving to be anything but.  I had a very interesting conversation with my manager the other day during which time he told me that while they will ‘tell’ us our jobs are safe (they have already told him), it’s incredibly likely that within the next three to four months we will be out the door – which worries me when I am considering adding to the Ianthe household.  Oh well, what happens, happens, and there is little I can do to change it.  I am choosing to be indifferent because it’s better than freaking out.

On another note, today is my dad’s birthday.  Had he not passed on 31-years ago (he’s been dead for 3/4 of my life) then today he would’ve turned just 65, which when you know that I am actually 42-years of age, you can see is very young.  He was just 34 when he passed.  I had lunch with my sister today and when I said that it was our dad’s birthday she said “no it’s not, he’s dead…” but then I remembered that she was barely 8 when he passed and probably doesn’t really remember who he was.  I mourn him every day, and when I think about it deeply I know that it has had a considerable impact on my life and how I am today, but I try not to dwell on it, just remember that he was an amazing man who was taken from us FAR too soon.  So Happy Birthday dad…I still remember.

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