Productivity +10

I had the most wonderful post written when my computer decided to eat it – but that’s fine, I am feeling productive, even though I had very little to do in the office today – I am sitting at my dining table right now and all around me I can see the evidence of my productivity this weekend.  To my right is a nice sample of knitting that I produced after purchasing the knitting needles that I purchased when I went on a four-mile walk yesterday (Sunday), then there is the completed 3600-word chapter of a fanfic that I sat down and wrote in one sitting.  To say that I feel as though I have managed to achieve a lot is an understatement.

I also spent time looking at kittens – I currently live in a pet free zone, but that doesn’t stop me wishing I was allowed, so every once in a while I spend a couple of hours looking at pictures of gorgeous kittens for sale – today my sights were set on a beautiful Birman/Persian cross, ginger and fluffy and just simply so adorable that I actually contacted my landlord before I lost the courage – of course I have to wait for his answer, and in all likelihood it will be no, but at least I will have asked!

Work has been incredibly quiet for a while, and with all the changes going on that’s not going to be something which improves any time soon.  I have never had to make myself look busy before, at least not where it’s been obvious that I haven’t been doing much (especially as I spent a lot of time oohing over beautiful kittens)…if you’re a cat person then prepare for adorable:

Of course, this kitten is not one that is immediately affordable, but I would sacrifice something to get him…so beautiful and a breed that doesn’t mind staying indoors (something that is necessary for pedigree animals and also for a pet in a flat!).  I had cats for 17-years and after 8-years alone I do wonder if now it’s time to get another one…oh well, this is currently out of my hands!

Now I need to get back to being productive; being so lazy at the office (through no fault of my own, but through circumstance) has made me feel as though I need to do something a little bit more accomplished now I am home!

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