Buses, knitting needles and writing

I was on a bus that got stuck today.  When I say that I don’t mean stuck in traffic, I actually mean stuck stuck.  We were driving into the bus only zone of the town centre near to where I live and there was an ambulance parked opposite the road calming measure known as a choker (I actually had to look this up because as a pedestrian and passenger without a driving license I am not familiar with all the terms…a choker apparently is a curb extension that narrows the roadway to a single lane at points).  Anyway, as the bus attempted to get past (which it probably shouldn’t have) it got completely stuck.  There was this awful scraping and banging noise as the driver continued to try and drive through the small gap and then we couldn’t move any further.  All the passengers were informed that the bus wouldn’t be going any further and we were asked to disembark (so I did).

Later on, I bumped into my mum and sister in town, apparently my nephew had attempted to get a bus home but there had been a huge accident with a bus and an ambulance (isn’t it amazing how Chinese whispers works), so no buses were heading into, or out of, town.  Obviously, that has now changed (or I would also have had to walk home and likely wouldn’t have forgotten the one thing I had originally headed in for), but that was my excitement for today.

This afternoon I have managed to get some writing done (over 1200 words so far), done a little bit of pretty art for the previous chapter I wrote to help promote the work I have already done, and read nothing at all.  Sometimes I think that I put the kibosh on my own writing by spending all my time surfing for new fanfiction and original works to read when perhaps I should be working on my own stuff…today I have done that and though I will probably edit the life out of what I have produced, I am feeling quite positive about the achievement.

Now, you might be wondering about the knitting needles…You know I mentioned earlier that I had forgotten something when I went shopping this morning?  Well, that was the knitting needles!  I had gone into town today with just three things on my shopping list; a shower curtain, shower gel and a pair of 8mm knitting needles…I managed to remember most of it but my plans got interrupted by lunch (during which time I bumped into my mum and sister being all pally pally on a joint shopping trip which I had neither been asked to join nor told about!) and the final item on the list got completely forgotten even though I was less than three minutes from the store when I went to get lunch.  Anyway, now they will have to be added to the list for next week and I will have to head into town solely to purchase them.

On a final sign off note; I have finally had a letter from the hospital and in order to find out why I have constant indigestion from hell (even when I haven’t eaten) I have got an appointment to have a ‘pain-free’ gastroscopy and biopsy…9th May cannot come soon enough!


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