Friday at last

For multiple reasons I don’t want to go into, this week has taken so long to pass.  I am relieved that the weekend is finally here and celebrated with a lovely chilled glass of white grenache and a bowl of cereal (yup, because that’s how I roll – so glamorous).

I have been struggling for the last few days to get anything written and then today I found inspiration in a pastrami sandwich (not eating one, but reading about the history of a deli in Manhattan in 1888).

The chapter is now written, edited and posted for review and I have never been happier to see something written and proofed by a wonderful friend and the feedback is already trickling in.

I was meant to go to a class this evening and as much as I wanted to go I managed to strain something at the new BodyBalance class last night (which, btw was wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing all at the same time).  Next Wednesday I am going to a boxercise session which I am looking forward to; with all the stress that has been going on at work it will be a relief and a half to be able to punch the crap out of something, or, at least, focus all the rage on something that I can imagine has the face of my new boss.

Tomorrow I am contemplating going swimming though the new swimming pool that cost ridiculous sums of money is actually crap and designed solely for the purpose of entertaining kids; granted the old pool was dated, required a considerable amount of maintenance and could have done with a huge facelift, but really when they designed the new one someone truly dropped the ball.  Anyway, after heading into town and (possibly) going swimming, I am going to get myself a new shower curtain (I live such an exciting life) and a set of knitting needles (yes, seriously, I live a truly exciting life), of course, I have been trying to remember to buy both of these things for weeks, and I go into town almost every weekend!  I blame it all on my age!

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