Work and things

Job hunting in the current climate sucks; that I am doing it because I need to insert some positive changes in my life makes me sometimes question the levels of my sanity – even though my psychiatrist has already said that I am as good as I am going to get so I shouldn’t expect anything but ‘odd’ (seriously, he refers to me as odd).

Work has been unusual for the last few months; not exactly a steady stream of tasks to go through, more like a freight train on one day and a calm steam locomotive on others.  I thrive on consistent and busy – but can keep myself occupied with little tasks when necessary, unfortunately, things are about to change chez nous and these changes are something that has had me waking up with dread in my heart for over a week.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the moment I start to feel dread at the thought of getting up and heading into the office (or to my desk in the study at home) I know that it’s time to make a change.

In my mind not all change is positive; it’s scary (possibly even could be classed as terrifying), and definitely something to be approached cautiously.  I am being sensible; I have a job (albeit one I am no longer happy in) and I am not looking for anything too extreme; I love the work I do – it’s just the place that could do with some amendment.  I am going to take it easy, and, unless I am forced to change this by situational alterations, this is the way I am going to tackle it.  I refuse to put pressure on myself; the job market is both slow and steady and that is how I am going to win this race.  I live by a few idioms, and the most appropriate one on this occasion is ‘slow and steady wins the race.’  In this case, that is 100% true; I won’t achieve anything by rushing to do something that right now isn’t necessary, I can take my time, find the right thing and go for it with all guns blazing.

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