New start

I have been meaning to do this for a long while, but for some reason, I kept on putting it off.  Today, as I was sitting at my desk in the office thinking about jobs and how there is no such thing as permanent anymore, I realised that there was much that I could, if I thought about it, write in my blog.  Of course, in order to do this, I really needed to move my blog to just one place, so I started to check and see if there was any way I could merge it all into one place.  I have about six different blogs, three twitter accounts (only one of which I actually update ever), one Tumblr (on which I have managed just today to reach 100 posts) and a multitude of other places where I am able to write thoughts and feelings, and inconsequential pieces of nothingness that mean little but help a lot.

Knowing that I could merge everything into one on WordPress is why today you will see that this blog has over 300 posts (I know, at some point in my life I was both really chatty and really busy) yet it’s only existed for about five minutes.

You will find that a large number of these posts relate to nothing but fanfic, some are personal introspective pieces, and others are about absolutely nothing at all. It’s amazing, when I think about it, how much rubbish I have written since 2005, a large amount of it prior to starting University in October 2005, and, scarily enough, before the advent of Facebook, which has proven to be a great distractor.

I hope that you read this and think “she’s deep,” or, at least, don’t think “wow, she’s shallow.”  There is a lot to who I am and I am hoping that writing all about it is going to help clarify what I want, what I am doing and where I am going.  I may well be a woman in her middle years but that doesn’t mean that life is quite over, nor does it mean that I have to settle for something stable, dull and boring!

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