I’m a What now?

Apparently the internet went insane (or at least the part of it where I post my fanfic did). I have been posting a story that I am struggling to write (which makes me believe it’s rather good) and yesterday someone who had found it through a post made on someone else’s site (it’s again not what you know but who in the fanfic world) decided to read the story. She posted a seemingly harmless (but ‘strange’) review on the first chapter; referring to my accurate use of grammar, then posted about a mistake I had made (seriously, I stupidly wrote muscles rather than mussels referring to moules mariniere) and then posted a comment about how I was “racist.” Now, anyone who knows me is aware of my very mixed heritage, Korean (from somewhere), Spanish, Irish, Scottish, French and Russian Jew…pretty mixed bag, but I am “racist” because I (an English national, with a degree in English and a very broad use of Southern England colloquialism) used the word “paddy” (note the lower case, this is important) instead of temper tantrum when one character was referring to another’s moody attitude, saying they were having a paddy to exaggerate their childish behaviour. Where I come from a ‘paddy’ is a childish tantrum, the sort where a child flings themselves on the floor and kicks and screams until they get their own way.

Anyway, couldn’t believe it, was offended as hell that I had been called racist for saying something I have always said and am at a loss…luckily I am not writing a ship she likes so she won’t be reading anymore but tbh that is so not the point!

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