I LOVE the weekend

I know that it’s a complete cliché, but I truly love the weekend. From the moment my alarm doesn’t go off to the moment I sip the last of my latte. This morning I woke up at just gone 8 to the sound of the Sound of Music medley bursting from my iPod (it’s a radio at night – I need noise to get to sleep). I then slowly got dressed, made my latte and wrapped up warm to sit on the sofa where (at nearly 1pm) I am still sat wrapped up in a fleece blanket and surfing the net.

Yesterday was payday, of course most of the money is already spoken for (’twas ever thus), but I have managed to make the second payment for my holiday and go to the cinema so far and it’s only Saturday 🙂

I know that I really should do something with the time I have off work; whether it’s exercise, write, read a book or do a proper spring clean, but right now I can’t be bothered. I have spent 10 years devoting weekends to study and tidying, decorating and renovating and I am taking a break. Maybe next week I will set myself some sort of routine, but for now I am just happy to know that the flat is already spotless, the laundry has already been done, there is no more homework ever and I can do what I want.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a lovely film, full of gentle humour, the right amount of tugging at the heartstrings and a pseudo happy ending that unfortunately I predicted less than 20 minutes into the film. Original this was not, but it was still very well done, had a fantastic cast of British treasures from Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith to Bill Nighy and Tamsin Grieg…then of course there was Richard Gere who, even in his 60s, looks better than some of the 40 year old men who contact me on dating sites! Wonderfully cast, sweet storyline, bittersweet moments and the wonderful vibrant colours of being filmed in India. Definitely recommend to anyone who enjoyed the first, and anyone who hasn’t seen the first; why not?!

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