Some people…

…are just STUPID!

In my current role I am responsible for dealing with our technical/dev freelancers. For the last four months I have been working on a project which should have launched two months ago. I hope that I don’t have to stress that I am not the reason why the project has taken as long as it has. Needless to say that when the site finally went live on Wednesday I was bubbly, bouncy and over the moon, finally my hard work had paid off. The developers were a nightmare to work with; demanding full payment for the work up front then palming it off on someone who didn’t read the spec and essentially presented us with an un-modified plugin which did none of what we wanted or asked/paid for. After a further week of negotiation, during which period they informed us that they had delivered the work, it was a battle of wills and we finally won (though I was very tempted at this point to tell them to ‘bugger off’ and that we would find someone else). Now, two months later we finally have a site that works, though it’s not exactly what we asked for (they ignored FAR too many of our requirements for that to happen organically), but the site does work, it looks okay and it does what it is meant to (just not how I initially designed it).

This particular developer is not one I would ever recommend to anyone; they can’t read emails properly, don’t read the spec and assume what they are delivering is fit for purpose, and then tell us that what we have specified in (after input from other external sources who know their stuff) is wrong…customer service is not their strong point. I guess they also assume when they are talking to me and my colleague that we don’t know what we are talking about, or understand the system we have been working on improving for the last 2 years!

Anyway, lesson learned. We have to work with them on Phase 2 because we have already paid for it, but then they will be dumped like the last agency (who charged us for work they never did) and the search will begin (again) for someone to work with who actually listens to the client.

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