Revisiting an old acquaintance

I can honestly say that though yesterday my head felt pretty awful I was hopeful that the headache would have gone by now. This morning I woke up and my head was feeling very heavy, my eye and nose were also playing the familiar sinus duet whilst running an unwelcome marathon.

On Monday I stupidly asked “What can you do” when referring to the fact that I have a long week this week…when asking that I was not asking for the answer from the sinus headache I already had; in fact I would have rather that the headache vanished and I worked a full (read: long) week in the office than sit here dosed up on sinus meds and hoping that the pain goes so that I can go to my ballroom dance class this evening…maybe by the time the dance class time arrives the headache will be a dull roar rather than a Gryffindor one and I will be able to not throw up?

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