Day 3

Oh…I have actually managed (for the first time in a very long while) to write in this journal three days in a row! Now, don’t go keeling over from shock (though I feel like I could thanks to the sinus pain that won’t quit), but this is quite a landmark for me. I have been so bad at updating everything for so long but I am determined that as I am paying for this I am actually going to start using it properly (yes, seriously).

I have zero news; spent the whole day in a meeting that I wasn’t sure was ever going to end; took an age being ignored by cars as I tried to pull out onto the main road on my bike (nothing new there tbh, cars have a history of treating cyclists as though they are invisible); realised that lunch (Calzone at Zizzi’s) used up my entire calorie allowance but I was still very hungry when I got home; and finally now am actually able to, for the first time in weeks, sit down and do nothing but watch my shows for the evening…

Well, as I said, nothing really happened today, but since when has that stopped anyone (me especially) from writing about it?

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