Monday – Sinus Headaches, Work and Everything Inbetween

Just when I think they are gone and I am not going to get another one I find that my head is stuck in a vise and the pain behind my eyes is getting worse, not better.

Today was unfortunately no different. Normally I would be sleeping for a week after the pain started (that’s how long it seems to take to go) but this week I have meetings well into Thursday (luckily I work from home on Fridays which is blissful I have to admit) including meetings ALL day tomorrow. I would like to say that I am not vital to the meetings and can, therefore, not be there for any of them, but that is not the case this time. I organised the meetings, I am vital to them, I am even taking the visitors out on my corporate credit card (can you believe this? I have a corporate card?).

Apart from the sinus headache from hell the day has been pretty uneventful; Southern Railways have been their usual inefficient selves; I have spent the afternoon lying on the sofa with a cold compress and dosed up on pain meds; I am now about to go to bed and it’s not even 8.30 (so so sad).

It’s pay day on Friday and though I am much better off than I used to be, the day can’t come soon enough. I am so broke this month – even though my salary was boosted this month by an extra £400 courtesy of a sold week of vacation time – it’s scary…I know that paying a decorator to paint my living room (not mine really, the landlord is no doubt saying ‘thank you’ quite loudly that I can’t stand the horrible colours the flat used to be), paying the first £150 deposit on my holiday to Egypt in September/October, and taking three children to the cinema twice has not done my salary any huge favours, but I am doing better than I would have been; and I fully intend to be far more frugal this coming month…still have holiday deposits to pay (£141 every month until July) and then holiday money to save up…but at the same time I have no doubt I will get there and everything will be good 🙂

I have to say that this week is going to be really long after a 3 day vacation last week and only 1 full day in the office, but what can you do?

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