Ooh, we’re going to…

Egypt. Yes, not quite so flashy to the tune of “We’re going to Barbados,” but on the other hand I am going to be staying at a 5-star resort on the Dead Sea, close to Hurghada, but nowhere near Sharm El Sheik (which is now becoming like the Benidorm of Egypt).

I have actually booked myself the first ever beach holiday of my life and though part of me was feeling more than a little over-impetuous when I did it, the thought of a week on a white sand beach with cocktails on tap and the beautiful sea to look out over (guaranteeing of course there aren’t any terrorist attacks before I get there) is going to be wonderful.

I have been most remiss about filling out anything on my LJ since I purchased another membership, but I have more things to write, a lot of anger (sadly) to get off my chest, and the saga about trying to get in shape (I can do it – I hope) to record in order that I continue to be accountable for all of it…

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