Ungrateful little s***s

I am so angry right now that I had to write this down before it caused me another bloody headache that I can well do without.

My sister has 4 kids (yes, four). The oldest is 16 (17 in August) and so lacking in any kind of maturity it’s scary. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and since that day he has been treated as though he is going to break at any minute. He never catches a train anywhere on his own, is pathetically unprepared for the horror that is the real world and though he has been off school for 2 weeks already for the summer he has still not made any effort to get a proper job for the months before he goes back (in September). The sad thing is that all I ever hear when I say “has he got a job yet?” – bearing in mind I have had jobs since I was 14 to make money so I could do things because money was always tight in our house after my Dad died – is that “Oh he’s too young” or “well he can’t because of his Diabetes”. Sorry, since when did having Diabetes and apart from that being healthy, strong and 16 STOP you from getting a job? This is the sort of thing that makes me so cross, his generation is becoming so entitled that the first time someone tells them “no” they are going to end up having a paddy in the middle of the shopping aisle or something.

Anyway, today I have spent 4 hours of my time (pattern with 4s here) fixing his computer for the fifth time since he got it just over 18 months ago. He is careless with his belongings and this is the second computer he has had since he was 14, but of course as he has Diabetes this is not his fault, it’s someone else’s. The computer mysteriously got a virus when he downloaded some cheap ass piece of free software to do something that he already had something for…but that wasn’t his fault, it was his Diabetes. Whatever! I have just spent a considerable portion of MY free time (which is not generous due to a long commute and a full time job) fixing it for him. Not once has he said ‘Thank you’ EVER for my fixing the machine as though it is my duty as his Aunt to do whatever he demands when he demands it. Everyone else (who has NOTHING to do with the virus and issues on his machine) has said “Thank you” but the person for whom all the work is being done…not a single word! This morning, as the last bit of fixing I decided to get his admin settings fixed properly, which includes putting in a password. Now normally I wouldn’t say anything if someone said “Nah, don’t need it, the computer stays at home and I am the only one who uses it” but when he said “Nah, don’t want one, won’t remember it…” I immediately responded with “What if someone accesses it while you are at school?” as he takes it with him everyday…to which I got told “What would they get, my email?” Yes, his email, his Facebook password, his school password (for all his coursework, his email, his grades etc etc etc)…so nothing vital then! When I said that I felt it might be an idea to put some kind of protection on there he promptly responded with “FUCK OFF!” (yes, all in caps, yes written like that!). I responded that I hoped that this message wasn’t for me as I had just spent all morning fixing what he had broken…and he told me “I said thank you”…now, as you will recall, no, he hasn’t…and this grates on my nerves more than I want to admit. I now have a stress headache building at the back of my neck and I want to tell him that he can “Sing for his computer” and that “I would sooner throw the thing in the nearest bin than give it back to him.” For now I will settle for thinking “UNGRATEFUL LITTLE SHIT” and leave it at that. EDITED TO ADD: If I weren’t so mature and above it I would show him exactly what sort of damage a lack of password on his computer would cause by opening his browser and going to his Facebook page -it is amazing how many little friends run away if they are abused in writing on places like that isn’t it?

And now I feel a little bit better…BREATHE!

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