Some People…

I have, for just a brief period since August last year, started to work in a slightly tech support role, though more client facing than an IT helpdesk. We get quite a number of requests from across the organisation where I work and many of them are pretty daft but some of them really take the biscuit (or cake, whichever is the worse of the two caloric devils).

Every day I get requests from people that are so ridiculous I wonder how they manage to breathe on their own. We are in the process of rebuilding a seriously complex and security necessary piece of kit for one of our foreign offices and yesterday were talking with someone in that office who is having HUGE issues with the developed software that is working for everyone else.

After much finangling and several emailed conversations (and one expensive telephone call) I talked her into taking a screenshot so that we could get more insight into what was causing the issues on her work machine.

Now, considering the organisation deals in money (as most, but this business specifically focuses on the making of money – which of course means we also have access to banking details etc, however temporarily they stay on our systems), this woman sent us her screenshot and she had uTorrent on her office (read business) computer!

The moment this was pointed out my manager was off down to ICT to report it – normally it wouldn’t be a concern, in publishing it would have been absolutely fine to have a little hole in the firewall, there was nothing on our particular network of any financial value, but on this woman’s machine, with the software we had just installed…..OMG!

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