And breathe…

It’s been a long while since I have posted more than a single sentence on this journal though it hasn’t been far from my thoughts. I needed a total break from the feeling that I had to post on it and once I had got out of the habit it was difficult returning to it.

This week I was reminded more about the necessity of security in the aspects of my life that are separate to my job when I accidentally conducted a conversation with a work colleague via a Google hangout account attached to my ‘other’ life (you know the one; fanfiction mostly rated NC-17 and not written exactly at the standard I would like people I work with to know about). To cut a long story short; though I have taken to posting a bit of fanfic on Carinthea’s Fiction (the other journal) of late I had to suddenly go through and change the accessibility…no longer is everything unlocked and visible to anyone and everyone who wants to search for it. Now I have a member-locked fanfic journal and a friend locked LJ, though it did take me the better part of an evening (especially when I take into account the amount of time it took to create a SFW banner and ‘join to read’ promotional banner). Luckily I do not have to go through Facebook and start thinking about that…I don’t think that there is anything on there to incriminate me.

It’s only recently that I have started to think about my virtual footprint. I have never been hugely careless with what I post – I am careful to only write things that I wouldn’t be embarrassed about friends finding (some of what I write I am actually proud of), but this doesn’t mean I want potential or current employers to know about that side of me. Also it’s not only about the writing. As with everyone a journal is a place where you put down the thought of the moment. In my journal history there is stuff about my mental breakdown, nights out that I barely remember due to over-indulgence and fantasies about how I would dispose of previous employers that bugged the tits off me! This is not the sort of stuff that I want to share with people that I am related to, let alone people I work with on a daily basis; I certainly don’t want them wondering if I am mentally capable (for that read not a total schizo) of working in such a volatile environment.

Anyway, that’s sort of the reason that I am back, though I am sure I will think of more.

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