In a week course 2 of my second degree with the OU begins.  Somehow I managed to get just 1 point below a distinction on A330 (Greek Myths and Legends), I have no idea how that happened, but obviously I managed to do something really right in the final essay despite it completely missing the theme that I had originally given it to my tutor.

Unfortunately for me, as with almost every other course I have ever done with the OU, something has to go wrong; this year – as with a few years ago – I have been informed that I will be made redundant come the end of the year unless a miracle occurs.  This news has, as I am sure it would anyone, sent me into a little bit of a worried spin but I have started the search for a new job and in the mean time I have both my baking and my studies to distract me from the reality of being potentially unemployed come the new year.

Well, with any luck I will manage to maintain this journal – it’s an infequent place to update, but it’s also a good location to come to when I am in need of seeking some academic balance.

Something I did forget to mention when I was studying was the fantastic help I had from the Facebook forum until the point when we actually had received our grades and it seems a riot commenced.  I can understand quite easily how upset people were about the seeming unfair grading system that was being used by the OU for this particular course, but having been graded in a way that I was both stunned and overjoyed at, I was unable to find fault.  I wish everyone who received a grade they didn’t like the best of luck and hope that they are able to sort out things to their satisfaction, but at the same time I have decided that I no longer need it.

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