My tutor finally sent back TMA02 after a week of silence from her and two emails from me asking if she could just acknowledge that she had received it.  Along with the marked essay (for which I received a much better grade than I feel I deserved – being honest) was a rather snotty email from the tutor who, in so many words, said that felt I was being unreasonable in not being able to wait for the assignment…It was nearly Christmas and had I left it to ask I would have been waiting until the beginning of the new year to get the marked essay back.

Luckily the essay is now back in my hands and I am able to see where I went wrong and what I need to do next.  The assignment I have submit next month (Jan 16th) is all about the Romans, I intend to try harder to get a better grade on this one, I want to be able to say that I at least made the effort to get straight Bs (I think straight As will be impossible given the fact that I have done two assignments and already received two Bs).

Well, here’s me looking to the new year and the new challenges that this course offers – I have already registered for the course starting in September – another classics course, but this time on Greek and Roman history (looks like it will be hard work, but well worth it).

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