TMA02 Struggles

I am really struggling at the moment, to find the enthusiasm to write the second part of TMA02.  Being truthful I really don’t like the effort that I have to put into it, not because I feel that there should be no necessity for effort, but because I have never had to push myself so hard to find the enthusiasm to write something.

I did surprisingly well on my last TMA, I managed to earn a B, not the highest B I have managed (73%) but enough that I was proud of it, especially as I was going through a manic episode at the time and somehow when I read it back a lot of it didn’t make complete sense to me.  Even the tutor feedback mentioned that it seemed to be rather ‘random’ at points, and I apparently ‘went off at a tangent’ at times.  Oh well, I managed to earn a relatively good grade and I was hopeful that this would help to introduce some enthusiasm to do the rest of the course.  Unfortunately I proved to be wrong with this and a few weeks ago I had to spend the whole weekend reading up on four weeks of work that I hadn’t managed to get done in the weeks that I was meant to.  Obviously now I am over the original deadline and working to the extension that I was luckily awarded…oh I forgot to mention that many things were sent to try me over the last few weeks; my nephew got hit by a car while cycling on his paperround and my mum had an operation to remove her thyroid…

Back to the grind, I need to finish this essay by 3pm today (and it’s now nearly 10am) in order that I can have some semblance of a weekend (albeit only a few hours).

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