Well, the course has officially started, and just over 2 weeks in I have already had to submit my first assignment. I felt incredibly unprepared for the panic that filled me the minute I realised that I didn’t know much at all about the material, but I managed to blag my way through the 1000 words required (yep, that was it, a measly 1000 words – when you look at it like that it seems like hardly any at all really).

The assignment isn’t really due to be submitted until tomorrow (20th) and those who know me well enough will know that what I am about to say is stunning – here is where I recommend those of you who recognise my official title “Queen of All Procrastinators” sit down – I have submitted the assignment. Yes, you have read that correctly, I have submitted my TMA already and it is now just waiting to be graded. I won’t go so far as to say I know that I have written a masterpiece, because I am sure that I have written anything but, that being said, I have written something I am not totally ashamed of and I am relieved that I have now submitted it and it is down to my tutor what happens with it next.

Having taken a few deep panic stricken breaths, I am now wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have slept on it and submitted it tomorrow, but I know really that I wasn’t going to be able to improve upon it, I was unfamiliar with the material and, coming from a literature background rather than a totally academic one, whatever I wrote was bound to be similar, if not the same.

Now onwards to Euripides and his Hippolytus, have read bits of this already and the story is as familiar to me as most of Shakespeare – probably because this is the source of much of his original material in some form or another. Luckily I am familiar with the myth of Hippolytus and his step mother Phaedra, so there should hopefully be few (if any at all) surprises.

Here we go…wish me luck.

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