Creative Writing: And the Saga Continues…

I thought that the course would be over and that would be it, and then I got the grade back on my final piece of work. I swear (and this isn’t me being paranoid OR over-inflating my writing abilities) that this particular tutor (now to be referred to as SLOB) has it in for me.

I got my final paper back and, along with comments that with a bit of work it would be publishable in a high-end writing magazine, was a grade that made me spit tacks (not literally but I am sure, had there been tacks in my mouth I would have spit them). A “C”! That jumped up little twat who thinks that his ideas are the only ideas, gave me a fricking “C”. Of course, me being me, I couldn’t lie down on this, I mean, it’s creative writing, I am not the best at it, but I have a modicum of ability and therefore when I write something that has other people sighing (and apparently a few friends did, really identifying with the character – one person even asked me if they were real) I think it deserves more than a paltry “C”.

I wrote a letter to the Regional Office, got fobbed off and told that despite the fact that I have made an official complaint about this tutor and he has been made aware of it (which of course wouldn’t affect his marking at all!) I would still have to follow the original protocols of the course and contact him to request a re-grade. A few days later and I get a rather abrupt “Understand you’re upset but no, I stick by the grade I gave you and that’s that”…I am not letting that lie. In fact, just yesterday I sent a letter to the Complaints and Appeals department and I am now in the process of taking the request for a re-grade over the tosspot’s head. I am not going to let this lie! Now I just have to wait and hear what the Regional Office – who I contacted originally and was told to go through proper procedure – the whole process is ridiculous, but I am going to follow it to the letter so that they have no comeback should they decide to question my reasoning.

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