End of Course (Creative Writing)

Well, this course was definitely not what I was expecting when I signed up for it almost 6 months before it started. I have to admit that I feel let down. I was hoping to meet a lot of like-minded people that I could possibly create some kind of writing network with. What I unfortunately found – in my tutor group at least – was a bunch of technophobic mutes and a reunion with a tutor that I hadn’t respected when I first met him, and continued to feel total apathy for at the reunion nearly 16 years later.

I am relieved that this course has come to an end though, of course, I still have to wait for the end of course grade (and, as it happens, the grade for the second to last piece of coursework because – true to type – the tutor is late returning it), but I feel secure in saying that I have passed.

To say that I am unhappy with how this turned out is a rather large understatement. I had blown this course up in my mind as something I would feel comfortable doing, would enjoy and bring home adequate (though hopefully better than adequate) grades. Instead what I discovered was that it is possible to make a life-long writer HATE her craft, introduce her to a series of methods that don’t help in the slightest, and give her a huge textbook that is only really good for one thing – a rest for the laptop when she’s typing in bed.

All in all, if you like writing, enjoy the day to day of coming up with original ideas and putting them down on paper, don’t do this course thinking that it’s going to be one which helps you polish your writing pen and produce masterpieces worth publication…Think about doing courses elsewhere where you can be sure that you won’t get tutors who don’t want to help, don’t mark things and return them on time, and constantly make a point of telling you that they aren’t paid to provide you with feedback which helps you to master the craft.

Rant ended…and, luckily enough, course ended!

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