It’s been a while

Where has all the time gone? One minute it’s March and I have damaged text books with milk, the next it’s the end of May and I am in the process of writing my last creative writing piece for the course that felt as though it was never going to end.

I can honestly say that the course was my idea of hell on earth (minus the fire and brimstone of course). SLOB has been the laziest tutor I have had while doing the OU degree (can you believe I only have another 13 months to go?), he marks things in a half-hearted manner that is difficult to adjust to, and there is something so backhanded about his comments when paired with his grades that half the time I am not sure what to think. Take the last piece for example, a ‘life writing’ piece which I ended up doing about the sickness and death of my dad. It’s the first piece I have written about the subject since I was 13 and though it’s not a recent memory anymore, the writing of it was a cathartic process which I did consider chucking in on several occasions. Sending that in I was sure that I had done a good job, I hadn’t made it too sentimental, I hadn’t gone all prosaic and pathetic, I felt I had reached the right balance. I had to contact the Regional Office to get it back because it appears as though deadlines and schedules mean nothing to Mr Wanker over there in his ivory tower in Worthing (yep, I am talking about SLOB), and when I did I have to admit I was confused. In one sentence he is saying that it was a moving piece that had made him cry, it was well-written and emotional without being over-sentimental, and then he gives me a B. Not a ‘high B’ like I received for the creative writing TMA02, but a full-out dead on the nose ‘B’ (as in 70%). I just don’t get it.

Well, the last TMA was due in just last Friday, and the next one – the final piece, the exam replacement piece – is due in on June 5th (clashing so wonderfully well with the Twelfth Night piece I have to submit for Shakespeare), but it will have to be posted beforehand as it has to be received by the Head Office of the OU in Milton Keynes by Friday 5th, and it has to be posted (yep, you read it here, the course that has been totally email and online has a hardcopy snail mail element to it).

I am in the process of writing a plan and ideas for the ECA, I am not going the route of some of the seeming sycophants in my tutorial group (who initially were all “I don’t like poetry” and when SLOB sent us some of his to review all of a sudden were “I love poetry and I am going to write a piece for every assignment”), I am going to write prose, it’s what I feel comfortable with, it’s what I feel confident writing and I think (for that really read ‘hope’) it will be the best piece I have submitted. I know that I don’t have a chance of getting an amazing grade for any of the pieces I have submitted because SLOB apparently doesn’t really like (or get) my writing style, but I have to get to the point where I am writing for me…sod what people like him think…in the scheme of things he has had one book published (poetry) by vanity press and that sort of person is not my target audience anyway.

Oh, and I am going to take up knitting.

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