TMA Returns

Last Friday marked the return due date for both TMA03 of A215 and AA306. Needless to say, one didn’t show up! I got 66% on the Shakespeare, which is much better than I had anticipated considering all the procrastinating and eventual issues I had with it, but I am both pleased and relieved and have already moved on to the next assignment (will be working on Polanski’s take on the Scottish Play from Friday (I rented it from the library rather than spend money I don’t have).

My A215 essay was another kettle of fish entirely. Having submitted it almost 3 weeks early because I was keen to get it off my desk, I discovered rather late that I had forgotten to title the blinking thing, though when the TMA was finally returned late yesterday afternoon (four days late, which is appalling when it was submitted 3 weeks early), that appeared to have made little difference to the end result. While I was happy with a 66 on the AA306 TMA, I am not happy with the 62 I managed on the A215 assignment. I hate poetry, and have made little bones of this immense dislike since I started the course, but still the tutor appears to be completely oblivious and continues to pour salt in the wound of my discontent. Rather than elucidate on the feedback I received, I have decided to post it here so everyone can see it…and how wonderfully ‘improving’ the critique is (all spelling mistakes originate at source, they are not mine):

The poetry has some high moments of keen intensity. It is also very ambitious, exploring, as it does existential themes of love, loss and death. I have indicated some areas where your poetry achives a fine specificity and coherence of imagery. I think that your language is very close to prose in many places and that you could have done more to weave metaphors and similes into the work. Also, beware of long lines – most effective poetry features judicious line breaks and tight concentrated lines. The trick with poetry is to continue to refine and pare down thye language until the imagery dazzles with a jewel-like quality. I feel tha your excellent drafts remain a little too abstract and unfocussed in places. Nevertheless, there is some great promise for you here as a poet whose work is emerging.

The commentary is a sound evaluation of your creative journey. I like the way that you are now commenting in some specific detail on the choices that you make and the way that the pieces develop.

While the critique itself is fine, it’s the lack of constructive advice that I find irritating. Oh well, obviously will never be able to please this tutor. It does make me laugh when he mentions “your language is very close to prose in many places…” that’s possibly because I write prose and think that poetry is rubbish? Just perhaps? I also love the evaluation of the Commentary…Apparently he likes that, it was all total fiction! I am not going to spend hours drafting and redrafting…be serious, please!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, this next assignment is “Life Writing” then we have the ‘Targeted Prose” and then the final assignment and I never have to hear from this idiot again!

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