OMG, now that was a close call. I don’t know the last time I took it right down to the wire. I posted the first TMA of the Shakespeare course with just 4 minutes to spare. I think that the only thing that made my panic even worse was discovering when I first tried the site at 23.50 that it was down, the server wasn’t working and the message was that “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” if I could have panicked anymore than I did when my stomach decided to enter my throat and the indigestion that had been plaguing me since my rather unsatisfying supper of chicken nuggets (the only thing I actually had the time or energy to put in the oven after 5 hours of struggling with 1200 words of pure pap) increased it’s assault on my pain receptors.

Needless to say I am now jumping a jig of joy (oooh, alliteration). Both the poetry (submitted on February 8th – a full 3 weeks early) and the Shakespeare (submitted on February 27th – a full 4 minutes early) are now in the hands of the tutors and as long as I get a pass grade of 40% (though obviously I would like higher if I have earned/deserved it) I am refusing to worry about either of them any longer.

Tomorrow I have every intention of giving myself a treat in the form of a long soak in a hot bubble bath, a glass of ice cold Pinot, or Grenache AND a book that is neither Shakespeare nor creative writing. I was hoping to get my hair cut this weekend, but those plans went up the swanny when both knowledgeable members of my family decided to ignore my texts and failed to give me (the person who goes to a stylist just once a year) information on any local and reasonably priced hairdressers.

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