TMA02 Returned

I finally got my assignment back today. I was really pleased with the assignment I had produced, but obviously it wasn’t quite as good as I had mentally prepared myself to get a poor grade because I get the funny feeling my tutor isn’t hugely keen on my writing. I managed to scrape a high B (79%) but for some reason I wanted more. Oh well, next up is the bloody poetry that nearly had me withdrawing from the course. I am guessing that I did myself no favours when I made my views on poetry known to my tutor – I think it’s a colossal waste of my time. I know my writing style and, without sounding too cocky, I am not that bad at it, so being told by a ‘published’ poet that I need to know poetry in order to write (when I have managed fine without it for the last 26 years), really grated on my nerves. I am not very confident about most elements of my life, writing is not one of them. Part of me is wishing I hadn’t taken this course – but looking at the number of courses I have left to take this was the last level 2 in the group so I didn’t have a choice. Originally I thought it was a treat, I considered it to be my treat for getting past the halfway mark, now I think of it as a torturous nightmare that I have just 5 months left of…

Oh well, Shakespeare will be more challenging, and more academic AND even better than that, more motivating because it has to be.

Since starting this course I have felt far less drive, I haven’t done all the reading – in fact I am about 10 weeks behind on the reading, yet I apparently managed a well-rounded character, a complete storyline and good editing…go figure – to think I could do all that without the benefit of reading the book.

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