For some reason that I am at a loss about completely, my brain is in ‘friday’ mode already. I know, I know, it’s Tuesday, and there are still a good few days to go until we reach that elusive peak of the working week, namely the end; but that doesn’t mean I stop wanting it more than anything.

I acknowledge that another year has started and already I am wishing it away, but I just can’t seem to get enthused about the normal Monday-Friday routine of getting up at stupid-o’clock and leaving the house when it’s still pitch black and only the insane pensioners who seem to never sleep are out getting their newspapers and a pint of milk.

I must be insane, and in desperate need of mental punishment though. I have just sent an email to the OU enquiring about the possibility of my late enrollment on the Shakespeare level 3 (aka AA306) course which starts in about 2 – perhaps 3 – weeks. I really want to do Shakespeare because I have long loved much of his work, but it unfortunately doesn’t fit into my course schedule as it currently stands. If I decide to take it then I push back my graduation by another 6-12 months, meaning I won’t qualify to join the teacher training course until 2012 (when I am 38) rather than being qualified to teach by that point if I follow the original schedule and forego the experience of Shakespeare for the ‘wonder’ of Level 3 Creative Writing or 19th Century Literature (yes, I have to take one of these whatever I decide, but right now I am prevaricating, part of me is saying “You love to write”, the other part is saying “But it won’t be as much use to you, or put you in such good standing as 19th Century literature”). The only reason I am even contemplating a course that starts in such a short period of time is that I have suddenly realised that if I am going to double up on the courses then I need to be able to miss out on something. The current course I am taking is only a Level 2, and there is no exam. Granted, the Level 3 creative writing also doesn’t have an exam, but to do TWO Level 3 courses at the same time is likely asking for all manner of issues – not least to my sanity!

Nothing for it really; I have to wait and see what the OU financial advice unit suggests when they send me their response (I am not sure if I would have to fund the second course myself – a mission that is completely unrealistic as my funds are stretched to the extreme as it is). At the end of the day I just have to sit on my hands and hope that the answer I get is a positive one, and hope also that they can speed through the application process…if I am able to do it at all. In all likelihood I am too late and will end up doing my two Level 3 courses at the same time, or at least overlapping just a little.

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