The first real full week of 2009 and I am already done with the first assignment of the year (and the second of the course). I had expected the assignment to be easy – heck I have been writing stories since I was 8 years old – but for some reason inspiration completely eluded me until the Saturday after Christmas, though the inspired moment was brief and fleeting, just long enough for me to write the first 152 words and figure out who I was writing about.

Of course the deadline is in less than 3 hours, but I have managed and 2 hours ago I submitted the finished article, complete with the 500 word (well, 487 words if I am being accurate) commentary about how I came up with the idea and how it developed on the page.

Though I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the story and what I was writing, I eventually warmed to the plot and managed to develop it into something that I know would be better as a longer story but works as it is.

Being honest though, I am just relieved that I have managed to finish the 2200 word (well 2307 words really) story and (amazingly enough) submit it before the deadline.

Roll on the one after next – next up is poetry and I hate it, 40 lines of sheer hell…

4 thoughts on “TMA02

  1. ’40 lines of sheer hell’? That can’t be!What’s the poem, Carinthea, or are you assigned to compose 40 lines of poetry yourself?I seem to be following in your footsteps, because I’m studying <>A210<> <>Approaching Literature<>, and coming towards the finishing stretch of TMA03, due in tomorrow midnight. How did you get on with it (forgive me for not properly reading your past articles), and did you enjoy it? Which has been your favourite course so far?Incidentally, I’ve written a few lines of poetry, myself, that I’ve put on my sister blog, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">My Creative Alter-Ego’s Other Half<>, if you fancy a cringe. It may give you something towards the opposite of inspiration.Good luck!from Matt.


  2. Matt,Thank you.We are assigned to compose 40 lines of poetry ourselves. To be honest had I realised that we didn’t even get the reprieve of being given a ‘get out of jail free’ in the form of a substitution I may have reconsidered taking the course at all. I just dislike poetry.You will have to remind me, which assignment is TMA03? It’s been over a year (I think I did A210 in 2006/2007) since I did the course.I don’t know if I have had a favourite, I have found them all rather hard work, but at the same time I feel an incredible sense of achievement when they are finished and have the results in my hot little hand…How are you finding it?


  3. Ah, okay.TMA03 is the first of the poetry assignments: close analysis of a single piece. This time the poem in question was Wordsworth’s ‘Nutting’. I feel fairly confident about my assignments, but am awaiting my tutor’s comments.I’m finding this course reasonably easy – easy isn’t the right word, but I’m not being entirely overwhelmed by it – although the initial reading is pretty lengthy: five novels and five plays. Perhaps the language course <>U211<> <>Exploring the English Language<> that I studied last year has suited me best, because I seem to be more at home with those techniques of close analysis which that contains, than the more thematic approach of literature studies.


  4. I have found studying rather difficult to focus on of late – every single year that I have done a course so far something has gone wrong; getting made redundant, my nan dying, being evicted…this year I am attempting the double, A215 and AA306 (the Shakespeare), I am looking forward to the challenge, but at the same time I am reather afraid of all the extra work.I remember the poetry assignments, we did the London poems I believe. I still have all my course materials and things, you never know when they are going to come in handy.Are you working towards something, or are you just doing the courses to pass the time?


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