The story so far…

Well, not sure what I can say right now. I have now submitted – and had returned my first assignment on this course, and to say that I am unimpressed with a) the feedback and b) the grade, is probably a HUGE understatement. I am not sure what to think about this course just yet. After getting my first assignment back with comments on it such as “Your vocabulary is obviously sophisticated” and “this writing promises much for the future” you would be excused for thinking that the grade would reflect this positive feedback, but then the comments segue into “Too polished” and “the piece could have been improved by some vivid imagery, metaphors and similes” and the grade definitely reflects the latter more than the former.

I did go back to the tutor – not for a re-grade, but more for a further and better clarification of the comments, which equalled just 165 words (pretty poor when you think about the fact that the assignment was over 1300) and none of them went any way to explain what was expected, merely what was missing.

I am trying very hard right now to calm my temper (even now, a week later). I have received very little in the way of better explanation from the tutor though I did ask for more, and I am starting to think that not only have I wasted my time in selecting this course, BUT I have managed to get lumbered with possibly the most patronising ass on the face of the planet who believes that all prose should be cornily purple and filled to the sickening brim with simile and metaphor. I know that he is a poet, but I have never been, nor do I ever wish to be like him – the day I get poetry published is the day I hand in my “I want to be a respected author that people ENJOY” badge and go for the “People will think I am a pretentious wanker who writes things people don’t give a shit about and only read when they are forced to” banner (because if that fits on a badge it certainly won’t be legible).

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