Well that was not the most fun that can be had on a Monday evening – especially after I spent much of my evening on the phone to cat rescue places and the local vets because I need, desperately, to rehouse my ageing cat – who is unable to acclimatise to being an indoor cat – and his rebellion is…messy (to say the least).

Due to a broken laptop (the replacement of which I am now using to write this blog), I am already 1 down on extensions for my course. I have, within the last 10 minutes, submitted an assignment that I, have to be honest about, feel is rather poor, but it was the best I could come up with. While I really love creative writing I am finding this course to be rather like having my nails pulled with a pair of pliers, mostly because the piece I wrote was close enough to painful memories that it upset me.

Anyway, now that’s done I have three months until the next assignment is due and I am already itching to get started, a 2500 original fiction piece about anything I choose 🙂 here’s me smiling and happy…

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